Release Notes for MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5.4-2


This second release of MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5 is the first GA (Generally Available) release. It Includes a variety of new features.

MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5.4-2 was released on 2020-07-16.


With MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5 "mysql" command names are replaced with "mariadb" command names. Symbolic links are in place to maintain backward compatibility with the old names and prevent disruption. (MDEV-21303)

Notable Changes

  • MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore is a columnar storage engine for analytical workloads. MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 1.5.3 is included in this release. Specific details on this component may be found in the Enterprise ColumnStore 1.5.3 release notes.

Changes in Storage Engines

SQL Level Enhancements

  • MariaDB SQL statements support REPLICA a synonym for SLAVE (MDEV-20601)

  • RETURNING clause can be used for INSERT and REPLACE statements to return a result set of the inserted rows or another specified SQL statement (MDEV-10014)

  • INTERSECT and EXCEPT statements support ALL, so result sets can now include duplicate rows (MDEV-18844)

  • Comments can be added for a database in the CREATE DATABASE statement, formerly limited to field level (MDEV-307)

  • JSON function JSON_ARRAYAGG() can be used to create a JSON array from the values of a column (MDEV-16620)

  • JSON function JSON_OBJECTAGG() can be used to build an JSON object from the result set of a query (MDEV-16620)

  • Support added for creating custom Data Types using the new Data Type API (MDEV-274)

    • INET data type plugin added for storing IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

  • RENAME INDEX and RENAME KEY can be used with ALTER TABLE (MDEV-7318)

  • RENAME COLUMN can now be used with ALTER TABLE (MDEV-16290)

  • Support added for recursive CTE cycle detection using the CYCLE clause (MDEV-20632)

  • IF EXIST keywords are now supported in ALTER TABLE and RENAME TABLE statements

  • Support added for WITHOUT OVERLAPS for Application-Time Period temporal tables (MDEV-16978)

Replication and High Availability (HA)

  • Replica aware server shutdown (MENT-731)

    • Primary only shuts down when replication transactions have been processed

    • Added the shutdown_wait_for_slaves system variable to control default behavior

  • MariaDB Enterprise Cluster based on Galera 4.1

    • New non-blocking DDL mode: set wsrep_osu_method system variable to NBO to allow DDL to not block the whole cluster for ALTER TABLE statements, which use a lock mode SHARED or EXCLUSIVE

    • Galera Black Box as debug message storage for troubleshooting

    • A new inconsistency voting protocol in MariaDB Cluster can be used avoiding a full cluster shutdown while ensuring hardening the cluster against potential threats for data consistency (MDEV-17048)

    • Support added for Galera Global Transaction ID in MariaDB Cluster, which replicates MariaDB Global Transaction ID to other nodes in the cluster (MDEV-20720)

    • Support added for Non Blocking Operations method in wsrep_osu_method system variable (MDEV-20051)

Privileges and Security Features

Optimizer Changes

  • For filesort, the mode addon_fields, addon_fields, or packed_addon_fields used for sorting will be shown in ANALYZE FORMAT=JSON (MDEV-21838)

  • Through enhancement to Query Optimizer, ANALYZE now shows the time spent for checking WHERE clauses and performing other auxiliary operations (MDEV-20854)

  • Enhancement for the sort buffer to allow packed values of non-sorted fields in the sort buffer (MDEV-21263)

  • Optimizer can now use packed sort keys in the sort buffer (MDEV-21580)

Interface Changes


  • aria_pack supports transactional tables

  • aria_pack now supports --datadir, --ignore-control-file, and --require-control-file options

  • mariadb-dump now supports --ignore-table-data option (MDEV-22037)

Privileges and Security

New defaults

Configuration Options

  • Upgraded Performance Schema instrumentation and tables (MDEV-6114)

  • Support added for ENFORCE option with slave_run_triggers_for_rbr system variable (MDEV-21833)

  • Support added for sql_if_exists session system variable, which provides an implicit IF EXISTS to SQL statements altering, renaming, or dropping tables, views, functions, and packages (MDEV-19964)

  • Column added to Information Schema SYSTEM_VARIABLES table showing the configuration file from which it received its value (MDEV-12684)

  • Columns that indicate InnoDB Buffer Pool instance now return a value of 0 on the Information Schema INNODB_BUFFER_PAGE, INNODB_BUFFER_PAGE_LRU, INNODB_BUFFER_POOL_STATS, INNODB_CMPMEM, and INNODB_CMPMEM_RESET (MDEV-15058)

  • SHOW MASTER STATUS statement renamed to SHOW BINLOG STATUS, the old syntax still understood for compatibility (MDEV-21743)

  • innodb_encryption_threads now capped at 255 (MDEV-22258)

  • Minimum value of max_sort_length raised to 8 (previously 4), so fixed size data types like DOUBLE and BIGINT are not truncated for lower values of max_sort_length (MDEV-22715)

Deprecated/Removed System Variables

Deprecated/Removed Information Schema

Aria Storage Engine

  • Maximum key length for Aria storage engine increased from 1000 to 2000 bytes


In alignment to the enterprise lifecycle, MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5.4-2 is provided for:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

  • CentOS 8

  • CentOS 7

  • Ubuntu 20.04

  • Ubuntu 18.04

  • Ubuntu 16.04

  • Debian 10

  • Debian 9

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

  • Microsoft Windows

Some components of MariaDB Enterprise Server might not support all platforms. For additional information, see "MariaDB Corporation Engineering Policies".


MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5 removes support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 and CentOS 6.