Release Notes for MariaDB MaxScale 2.3.1

MariaDB MaxScale is an advanced database proxy, firewall, and query router. MaxScale is a component of MariaDB Platform.

MariaDB MaxScale 2.3.1 was released on 2018-11-20. It is a beta release.

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New Features

  • Binary Log Router now supports multiple Primary Servers when using file and position based replication.

  • REST API now supports /v1/sessions to provide information on the last query of a session.

  • Support added for csmon a monitor for MariaDB ColumnStore.

  • Support added for MaxCtrl classify command.

  • Support added for retain_last_statements global parameter.

  • Support added for systemd Watchdog.

  • MaxScale now retries read on Primary Server when causal_reads timeout is exceeded. (MXS-2141)

  • Immediately close the listening socket when a listener is destroyed. (MXS-2122)

  • Provide more information in list clients output. (MXS-2077)

  • MaxAdmin shutting down a service should specify / warn that new session requests are neither accepted nor denied. (MXS-1976)

Changed Features

  • Unknown global parameters and parameters with invalid variables no raise errors.

  • The passwd option has been replaced by password.

Deprecated Features

  • Removed mmmon monitor.

  • Removed ndbclustermon monitor.

  • Deprecated the non_blocking_polls global parameter, values ignored

  • Deprecated the poll_sleep global parameter, values ignored.

  • Deprecated the thread_stack_size global parameter, values ignored.

  • Deprecated MaxAdmin in favor of the REST API and MaxCtrl.

  • Deprecated the MaxInfo router.

  • Deprecated the debugcli module.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes missing symbols in Lua Filter (MXS-2147)

  • Fixes controlled shutdown not triggering query retries. (MXS-2144)

  • Fixes default timeout vale for causal_reads option. (MXS-2142)

  • Fixes setting transaction_replay at runtime not enabling implicit parameters. (MXS-2140)

  • Fixes setting transaction_replay not implicitly enabling master_failure_mode=fail_on_write. (MXS-2139)

  • Fixes passwd option errors out as a attribute in monitor and service in maxscale.cnf configuration file. (MXS-2136)

  • Fixes listeners defined in the configuration cannot be destroyed. (MXS-2121)

  • Fixes query_classifier_cache_size being per thread. (MXS-2109)

  • Fixes bug in writeq_high_water option. (MXS-2107)

  • Fixes unknown global parameters are being detected. (MXS-2100)

  • Fixes bug in maintenance_on_low_disk_space. (MXS-2098)

  • Fixes SELECT INTO OUTFILE routing back to all end servers. (MXS-2096)

  • Documents monitor REST API. (MXS-2055)

  • Fixes SELECT INTO OUTFILE routing to all servers. (MXS-1978)