Release Notes for MariaDB MaxScale 2.3.15


MariaDB MaxScale is an advanced database proxy, firewall, and query router. MaxScale is a component of MariaDB Enterprise.

MariaDB MaxScale 2.3.15 was released on 2019-12-05. It is a General Availability (GA) release.

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Issues Fixed

  • Fixes peer certificate isn't mandatory. (MXS-2786)

  • Fixes wrong thread ID causing MaxScale to crash. (MXS-2782)

  • Documents that a crashed Primary Server can break auto_rejoin with semi-synchronous replication. (MXS-2775)

  • Fixes MaxScale taking too long to allow connections after restart. (MXS-2773)

  • Fixes ssl_version values being system dependent. (MXS-2763)