Release Notes for MariaDB MaxScale 2.3.9


MariaDB MaxScale is an advanced database proxy, firewall, and query router. MaxScale is a component of MariaDB Enterprise.

MariaDB MaxScale 2.3.9 was released on 2019-07-04. It is a General Availability (GA) release.

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New Features

Write paths to opened sqlite3 databases in log when log_info is set (MXS-2480)

Issues Fixed

  • Fixes intermittent unknown statement handler errors from back-ends (MXS-2582)

  • Fixes Maxscale RPM issue PCI Compliance (MXS-2578)

  • PATCH with invalid credentials returns no result. (MXS-2575)

  • MaxCtrl alter user command not working on current user. (MXS-2574)

  • Fixes no newline sent with large schemas. (MXS-2569)

  • Fixes failing debug assertion at : m_expected_responses == 0 (MXS-2563)

  • Fixes Oracle MySQL Connector/ODBC getting packets out-of-order errors with .NET. (MXS-2562)

  • Fixes KILL with recursive services not working. (MXS-2560)

  • Fixes monitors adding deprecated parameters to persistent configuration files. (MXS-2551)

  • Fixes qlafilter escaping newline with two quotes and a space. (MXS-2550)

  • Fixes prelink corrupting MaxCtrl. (MXS-2549)

  • Fixes process hang when MaxScale stops during REST API query. (MXS-2547)

  • Fixes COM_STMT_EXECUTE returning empty result. (MXS-2521)

  • Fixes unknown prepared statement handler (0) given to mysqld_stmt_execute (MXS-2490)

  • Fixes unexpected internal state with Read/Write Splitter and proxy_protocol=true (MXS-2461)

  • Fixes Param1 reported as VARIABLE warnings. (MXS-2442)

  • Fixes no warning about missing REPLICATION SLAVE (MXS-2367)