Step 6: Install MariaDB MaxScale


This page details step 6 of the 9-step procedure "Deploy ColumnStore Object Storage Topology".

This step installs MariaDB MaxScale 2.5.

ColumnStore Object Storage requires 1 or more MaxScale nodes.

Interactive commands are detailed. Alternatively, the described operations can be performed using automation.

Retrieve Customer Download Token

MariaDB Corporation provides package repositories for CentOS / RHEL (YUM) and Debian / Ubuntu (APT). A download token is required to access the MariaDB Enterprise Repository.

Customer Download Tokens are customer-specific and are available through the MariaDB Customer Portal.

To retrieve the token for your account:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Log in.

  3. Copy the Customer Download Token.

Substitute your token for CUSTOMER_DOWNLOAD_TOKEN when configuring the package repositories.

Set Up Repository

  1. On the MaxScale node, install the prerequisites for downloading the software from the Web.

    Install on CentOS / RHEL (YUM):

    $ sudo yum install wget

    Install on Debian / Ubuntu (APT):

    $ sudo apt install wget apt-transport-https
  2. On the MaxScale node, configure package repositories and specify MariaDB MaxScale 2.5:

    $ wget
    $ echo "f8eb9c1b59ccfd979d27e39798d2f2a98447dd29e2149ce92bf606aab4493ad9  mariadb_es_repo_setup" \
           | sha256sum -c -
    $ chmod +x mariadb_es_repo_setup
    $ sudo ./mariadb_es_repo_setup --token="CUSTOMER_DOWNLOAD_TOKEN" --apply \
          --skip-server \
          --skip-tools \

Install MaxScale

On the MaxScale node, install MariaDB MaxScale.

Install on CentOS / RHEL (YUM):

$ sudo yum install maxscale

Install on Debian / Ubuntu (APT):

$ sudo apt install maxscale

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