CMAPI Log for MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.4


MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.4 uses the Cluster Management API (CMAPI), which writes to its own log file.

Reference material is available for MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.4.

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.4 is included with MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5.


The CMAPI log is intended for:

  • Monitoring the status of a failover operation

  • Diagnosing problems with failover operations

  • Diagnosing problems with REST API calls to CMAPI

For additional information, see CMAPI.


The location of the CMAPI log is version-dependent:

  • Starting with Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5.2, the CMAPI log is written to /var/log/mariadb/columnstore/cmapi_server.log

  • Prior to Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5.2, CMAPI's log messages can be viewed in the systemd journal:

    $ sudo journalctl -u mariadb-columnstore-cmapi


The CMAPI log for MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.4 does not require configuration.