mariadb-database-summary for MariaDB Tools


The mariadb-database-summary utility.

mariadb-database-summary Options for MariaDB Tools





mariadb-dump and summarize all databases.


Prompt for a password when connecting to MariaDB.


Read this comma-separated list of config files.


mariadb-dump and summarize this comma-separated list of databases.


Only read mariadb options from the given file.


Print help and exit.


Host to connect to.


Include a list of the encrypted tables in all databases.


Password to use when connecting.


Port number to use for connection.


Create a report from the files found in this directory.


Save the data files used to generate the summary in this directory.


Seconds to sleep when gathering status counters.


Socket file to use for connection.


User for login if not current user.


Print tool's version and exit.