mariadb-parted for MariaDB Tools


The mariadb-parted utility.

mariadb-parted Options for MariaDB Tools





Add partitions.


Archive partitions before dropping them.


Database to archive partitions to. Default: none


Directory to place mysqldumps. Default: current directory.


Remove partitions.

--dryrun (-n)

Report on actions without taking them.


Send a brief email report of actions taken. The email is sent to --email-to.

--email-to (-E)

Where to send activity and failure emails. Default: none.

--help (-h)

This help. See C<perldoc mariadb-parted> for full docs.

--limit (-m)

Limit the number of actions to be performed. Default: 0 (unlimited)

--logfile (-L)

Direct output to given logfile. Default: none.


Assume no partitioning time or date function in use

--prefix (-P)

Partition prefix. Defaults to 'p'.


Use hours instead of days when checking partitions.