mariadb-stat for MariaDB Tools


The mariadb-stat utility.

mariadb-stat Options for MariaDB Tools





Prompt for a password when connecting to MariaDB.


Collect diagnostic data when the trigger occurs.


Collect GDB stacktraces.


Collect oprofile data.


Collect strace data.


Collect tcpdump data.


Read this comma-separated list of config files.


How many times "--variable" must be greater than "--threshold" before triggering "--collect".


Daemonize the tool.


Only read mariadb options from the given file.


Where to save diagnostic data from "--collect".


Do not "--collect" if the disk has less than this much free space.


Do not "--collect" if the disk has less than this percent free space.


What to watch for the trigger.


Print help and exit.


Host to connect to.


How often to check the if trigger is true, in seconds.


How many times to "--collect" diagnostic data.


Print all output to this file when daemonized.


Trigger only MariaDB related captures, ignoring all others.


The pattern to use when watching SHOW PROCESSLIST.


Send an email to these addresses for every "--collect".


Password to use when connecting.


Create the given PID file.


Load a plugin to hook into the tool and extend is functionality.


Port number to use for connection.


The filename prefix for diagnostic samples.


Keep the data for the last N runs.


Keep up to --retention-size MB of data.


Number of days to retain collected samples.


How long to "--collect" diagnostic data when the trigger occurs.


How long to sleep after "--collect".


How long to sleep between collection loop cycles.


Socket file to use for connection.


Watch the server and wait for the trigger to occur.


The maximum acceptable value for "--variable".


User for login if not current user.


The variable to compare against "--threshold".


Print more or less information while running.


Print tool's version and exit.