Release Notes for MariaDB MaxScale 2.4.3


MariaDB MaxScale is an advanced database proxy, firewall, and query router.

MariaDB MaxScale 2.4.3 was released on 2019-11-06. This release is of General Availability (GA) maturity.

Issues Fixed

  • Fixes unexpected error message when preferred_server is configured. (MXS-2734)

  • Fixes UTC_TIMESTAMP not being recognized as a built-in function. (MXS-2733)

  • Fixes memory leak with Query Cache. (MXS-2732)

  • Fixes crash in Avro Router. (MXS-2731)

  • Fixes file permissions for MaxScale .secret file. (MXS-2728)

  • Fixes MaxScale 2.4.2 crashes on different LXC containers with similar error. (MXS-2721)

  • Fixes MaxCtrl and MaxAdmin reporting negative number of connections to a service. (MXS-2720)

  • Fixes SET PASSWORDSET PASSWORD statement being sent to all servers and not just the Primary Server. (MXS-2713)

  • Fixes inability to disable retain_last_statements at runtime. (MXS-2711)

  • Fixes MaxScale 2.4.2 randomly crashing. (MXS-2707)

  • Fixes session command with lazy_connect causing loss of Primary Server. (MXS-2702)

  • Fixes Query Cache bugs. (MXS-2699)

  • Fixes Schema Router not detecting empty duplicate databases. (MXS-2690)

  • Fixes SET not being classified as QUERY_TYPE_SESSION_WRITE (MXS-2688)

  • Fixes invalid socket paths not being treated as errors. (MXS-2687)

  • Fixes back-end DCB when taken from persistent pool not being subject to throttling. (MXS-2684)

  • Fixes TLS not being enabled after server creation via MaxCtrl. (MXS-2675)

  • Fixes Query Cache bugs. (MXS-2674)

  • Fixes MaxScale 2.4.2 crashing. (MXS-2672)

  • Fixes Nagios not found on MaxScale 2.4. (MXS-2664)

  • Fixes maintenance mode lost when node is shutdown. (MXS-2652)

  • Documents that shutting down the master can break auto_rejoin and lose transactions. (MXS-2620)

  • Fixes inconsistent documentation regarding privileges for MariaDB Monitor. (MXS-2600)

  • Fixes rapid re-connection on server failure. (MXS-2564)

  • Fixes Timestamp/Datetime precision lost when using CDC streaming. (MXS-2354)

  • Fixes schema aware Avro Router ignoring table renames. (MXS-2264)

  • Fixes Maxscale CDC treating unsigned columns as signed. (MXS-2263)

  • Fixes split-brain detection not working. (MXS-2191)