Post-Installation Configuration for MariaDB Xpand


This page describes recommended post-installation configuration.


XpandGUI is included automatically as part of every Xpand installation. To access XpandGUI, use a web browser to connect to the IP or hostname of one Xpand nodes and specify port 8080 (e.g. Chrome is recommended.If you are logging in for the first time, provide the following temporary credentials:

  • Email:

  • Password: mariadb

  • Target: localhost

Xpand strongly recommends that you create a new user and delete the user. To create a new user, access the "Manage Users" in the upper right corner of any page by clicking on:

For additional information, see "XpandGUI for MariaDB Xpand".

Environment Additions

As a convenience, add the Xpand bin directory to each user's path so the Xpand tools are easily executed.

shell> echo "PATH="'$PATH'":/opt/clustrix/bin; export PATH" >> ~/.bash_profile

Cluster Name

If you have multiple clusters, you may want to set a cluster name. This name is displayed in Alerts and in XpandGUI.

sql> set global cluster_name = clustername

Configure Database Alerts

For additional information, see "Email Alerts for MariaDB Xpand".