MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore Rejoining a Node


To rejoin a node with Enterprise ColumnStore, perform the following procedure.

Perform Rejoin in MaxScale

The node can be configured to rejoin in MaxScale using MaxScale's REST API:

  • Use MaxCtrl or another supported REST client

  • Call a module command using the call command command

  • As the first argument, provide the name for the module, which is mariadbmon

  • As the second argument, provide the module command, which is rejoin

  • As the third argument, provide the name of the monitor

  • As the fourth argument, provide the name of the server

For example:

$ maxctrl call command \
   mariadbmon \
   rejoin \
   mcs_monitor \

Check Replication Status with MaxScale

MaxScale is capable of checking the status of MariaDB Replication using MaxScale's REST API:

For example:

$ maxctrl list servers

If the node properly rejoined, the State column of the node will show Slave, Running.