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MariaDB SkySQL is a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) enabling you to deploy and manage MariaDB Enterprise Server, Xpand Distributed SQL, Serverless Analytics, or ColumnStore analytical databases with only a few clicks. SkySQL combines automation with human expertise to support and manage mission-critical deployments.

This page summarizes a subset of changes up to March, 2023. For detail on more recent updates to SkySQL, see Release Notes.


The SkySQL Portal enables you to launch, query, monitor, and manage your cloud database from the browser in a single interface.

  • SkySQL cloud databases can be launched on-demand on AWS (Amazon) and GCP (Google), in a range of regions, instance sizes, and storage settings with up-front pricing information

  • Once a cloud database has been launched, the Portal includes the features needed to understand cloud database state, including status information, robust database-level and server-level metrics, logs, billing and estimated charge details, and a record of past monitoring alerts

  • Cloud database features, configuration, and state can be controlled from the Portal

  • All SkySQL cloud databases include support, which can be accessed from the Portal

For additional information, see "Portal".

API and Terraform Provider

SkySQL features managed through the SkySQL Portal can also be managed using the SkySQL DBaaS REST API and the SkySQL Terraform Provider.

  • Through the REST API or using Terraform, SkySQL resources can be managed as part of your existing production automation practices

  • When integrated in QA testing automation or CI (continuous integration) automation for developers, SkySQL cloud databases can automatically be launched and torn down during testing

To get started with the SkySQL DBaaS API, see "DBaaS API Launch Walkthrough".

To get started with the SkySQL Terraform Provider, see "Terraform Launch Walkthrough".

Private Connections

By default, connections to SkySQL cloud databases occur with TLS/SSL encryption and can be initiated only from allowlisted IP addresses.

Some customers have regulatory requirements or information security policies that prohibit database connections over the public internet, and result in a requirement for private connections.

SkySQL cloud databases can optionally be configured for private connections between your VPC (virtual private clouds) and SkySQL cloud databases:

  • AWS PrivateLink is supported for SkySQL cloud databases on AWS

  • Private Service Connect is supported for SkySQL cloud databases on GCP

For additional information, see "Private Connections".

Self-Service Operations

SkySQL's self-service management features enable authorized accounts to launch cloud databases, start and stop cloud databases, delete cloud databases, apply database configuration changes, and configure the cloud database's IP firewall.

Self-service user management features enable you to define role-based access for your team to jointly manage SkySQL resources.

Additionally, SkySQL enables self-service scaling of your cloud database:

  • Increase (scale out) or decrease (scale in) node count

  • Increase (scale up) or decrease (scale down) instance size

  • Increase storage capacity

For additional information, see "Self-Service Operations".

Auto-Scaling Features

While self-service scaling features enable you to manually initiate changes on demand, SkySQL's Auto-Scaling features can be enabled to trigger automatic scaling of nodes and storage based on rules.

Auto-Scaling features can be enabled to provide:

  • Automatic horizontal scale out of node count when heavier load is observed

  • Automatic horizontal scale in of node count when load abates

  • Automatic vertical scale up of instance size when heavier load is observed

  • Automatic vertical scale down of instance size when load abates

  • Automatic expansion of storage when increased capacity is required

For additional information, see "Autonomous".

Xpand Global Replication

MariaDB SkySQL includes the Xpand Distributed SQL topology for maximum resilience and scalability.

Xpand Global Replication provides simple management and monitoring for one-way and bidirectional replication between Xpand Distributed SQL cloud databases in different regions.

For additional information, see "Xpand Global Replication".

Serverless Analytics

MariaDB SkySQL includes the Serverless Analytics topology for zero-ETL, real-time analytics on any data in SkySQL or cloud storage. Serverless Analytics is powered by Apache Spark SQL and features pay by the minute pricing.

For additional information, see "Serverless Analytics".

Developer Workspace

Notebook provides interactive analytics with built-in visualization and forms for your Serverless Analytics cloud database. Notebooks are powered by Apache Zeppelin.

Query Editor allows you to run queries directly in the browser to interact with data stored in SkySQL cloud databases.

For additional information, see "Notebook" and "Query Editor".

Graviton Instances

SkySQL cloud databases on AWS now include support for Graviton (ARM64) instances.

For additional information, see "Hardware Architecture".

NoSQL Interface

The NoSQL protocol module allows a MariaDB Enterprise Server to execute transactions for applications using MongoDB® client libraries, transparently converting MongoDB API calls into the equivalent SQL. The MariaDB responses are then converted into the format expected by the MongoDB client library and application.

For additional information, see "NoSQL Interface".

Current Topologies

The new release of MariaDB SkySQL enables you to launch cloud databases in the following topologies:

  • Xpand Distributed SQL for read/write scaling with high concurrency and availability

  • Enterprise Server With Replica(s) for read scaling with high availability

  • Enterprise Server Single Node for small projects and development with moderate concurrency

  • ColumnStore Data Warehouse to run advanced analytical queries for millions of data records

  • Serverless Analytics for zero-ETL, real-time analytics on any data in SkySQL or cloud storage, currently in Technical Preview


The new release of MariaDB SkySQL is immediately available.

For additional information, see "Quickstart".