SkySQL Release Notes


MariaDB SkySQL is a DBaaS offering from MariaDB Corporation, providing cloud database service based on MariaDB database products.

Update: A new SkySQL release is now available to explore. Detailed information is available in MariaDB SkySQL DBaaS documentation.

New Features in this Release

These release notes reflect changes made to the previous release of MariaDB SkySQL as of 2022-08-02, and have been updated for changes made on 2022-10-03.

  • Remote Observability Service

    • The Remote Observability Service makes SkySQL observability features available for MariaDB enterprise customers on-premises or in private clouds.

  • Observability API

    • The Observability API enables SkySQL observability data to be accessed from popular APM platforms (Application Performance Monitoring platforms).

    • Customers can observe SkySQL database services alongside their applications and infrastructure components.

  • Support for additional log types in Log Archive

  • Support for additional log configuration in Configuration Manager

  • Updated 2022-10-03: Workload Analysis is now available to all Power Tier customers.

Technical Preview Features

On SkySQL previous release, the following features are provided as a Technical Preview:


  • SkySQL Workload Analysis

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