Automated Backups


Production workloads should not be run on SkySQL services provided as a Technical Preview. While in Technical Preview, data backups are not guaranteed and may not be available.

Production workloads should be run only on SkySQL services which have reached GA maturity. The following details apply only to SkySQL services which have reached GA maturity.

Automated Nightly Backups

Automated backups are created nightly for SkySQL services of GA maturity:

  • Automated nightly backups include a full backup of every database in the service

  • Backups are stored in object storage

  • Customers can contact SkySQL Support to request a list of backups or to request backup output or logs

  • MariaDB Corporation SRE teams monitor automated backups and will contact customers if issues are detected

For details about restoring an automated backup, see "Restore an Automated Backup".


  • Enterprise Server Single Node

  • Enterprise Server With Replica(s)

  • Xpand Distributed SQL

  • ColumnStore Data Warehouse

Enterprise Server

Enterprise Server Single Node and Enterprise Server With Replica(s) services are backed up using MariaDB Enterprise Backup.

MariaDB Enterprise Backup implements hot online backups by breaking up the backup process into multiple stages. During most stages, locking is minimal. The design allows writes and schema changes to occur during backups.


Xpand Distributed SQL services are backed up using Xpand's cloud-based backup and restore.