Learn About Monitoring Features


Advanced monitoring capabilities are included with your SkySQL service:

  • Basic node-level (server) and service-level health checks

  • Automatic metrics collection with robust coverage for all MariaDB components

  • Customer-configurable dashboards

  • Alerts and notifications triggered by customer-defined rules

  • Access to database logs

  • Agent to ingest metrics from non-SkySQL databases

  • REST API to access monitoring data

Health Checks

SkySQL automatically performs basic health checks for your SkySQL services and servers (nodes).

Status is indicated through the SkySQL Portal, DBaaS API, and SkySQL Monitoring.

At a glance, you can quickly check whether your service is healthy:

SkySQL Monitoring - Healthy service status icon

Or critical:

SkySQL Monitoring - Critical service status icon


Metrics optimized for MariaDB components support your capacity planning, performance management, and service operation needs:

  • SkySQL automatically collects metrics for SkySQL services and servers (nodes).

  • Metrics are made available through SkySQL Monitoring dashboards.

Monitoring Service Overview

Dashboard Customization

Dashboards display SkySQL metrics and are customer-configurable:

  • Dashboards are provided per-service and per-server (node)

  • Metrics are grouped by topic, such as status, queries, and system resource usage

  • Time range is configurable from "last 5 minutes" to "last 7 days", or you can set an absolute time range

  • Panels (which display metric data) can be removed, moved, or resized

Alerts and Notifications (Rule-Based)

Alerts and notifications are triggered based on customer-defined rules:

  • Sensible defaults provide a starting point for customization, with outage and resource usage threshold-based warnings and critical alerts

  • Notifications occur to customer-defined email channels

  • Alerting rules can be tagged, and notifications can be sent for specific services or based on tags

Monitoring Alerts Setup Page

Log Archive

Logs are archived:

  • Logs are downloadable by service, by server, by log type, and by day

  • Logs are rotated daily

  • Logs for both active and deleted services remain available with seven-year retention

Remote Observability Service

Remote Observability Service ingests metrics from MariaDB databases outside SkySQL:

  • Available to MariaDB enterprise customers for use on-premises and in the cloud

  • By installing the Remote Observability Agent, metrics and status are pushed to SkySQL Monitoring

Observability API

Observability API allows SkySQL Monitoring metrics to be accessed from popular APM platforms (Application Performance Monitoring platforms).