The default SkySQL service experience includes many features.

MariaDB SkySQL enables selection of cloud provider, instance size, region, software version, storage, and topology parameters at time of service launch.

Options augment the default service experience:

AWS PrivateLink

Connects your AWS VPC network to MariaDB SkySQL with connectivity over Amazon's network

Cross Region Replicas for DR

For disaster recovery, data is replicated to a different supported region

Custom Configuration

Changes the default service design and configuration

Custom Instance Sizes

Changes the available instance sizes

Database Account 2FA

Enables two-factor authentication (2FA) for database user accounts

Database Account LDAP

Enables LDAP authentication for database user accounts

Disable SSL/TLS

Disables default data-in-transit encryption; typically paired with AWS PrivateLink or GCP VPC Peering

MaxScale Redundancy

Enables highly available (HA) active-active load balancers and ability to choose load balancer instance size

Point-in-Time Recovery Configuration

Configures additional retention of binary logs to enable point-in-time recovery at a later date


Inbound (to MariaDB SkySQL) and outbound (from MariaDB SkySQL) replication

Single Zone Deployment

Reduced latency for Distributed Transactions

SkySQL Portal Enterprise Authentication (SSO)

Authenticate to SkySQL Portal using SAML 2.0 IDP

SkySQL Teams

Multiple SkySQL user accounts jointly maintain services under a single billing profile

VPC Peering

Connects your GCP VPC network to MariaDB SkySQL with connectivity over Google's network