Features of SkySQL preview release


Pricing, features, and user interfaces differ between SkySQL current release and SkySQL preview release. This page details the features of SkySQL preview release.

See "Choosing a SkySQL Release" for details on how to access the SkySQL preview release.

  • A Unified Portal allows you to launch, query, monitor, and manage your database service from the browser.

  • Self-Service Operations allow you to configure, delete, or scale your database service.

  • Autonomous features can be enabled to trigger automatic scaling of nodes and storage based on rules.

  • Xpand Global Replication provides simple management and monitoring for one-way and bidirectional replication between Xpand Distributed SQL services in different regions.

  • Serverless Analytics provides Zero-ETL, real-time analytics on any data in SkySQL or cloud storage. Serverless Analytics is powered by Apache Spark SQL.

  • Notebook provides interactive analytics with built-in visualization and forms for your Serverless Analytics service. Notebooks are powered by Apache Zeppelin.

  • Query Editor allows you to run queries directly in the browser to interact with data stored in SkySQL databases.

  • Graviton/ARM64 instances

  • NoSQL Interface