MariaDB Xpand's cluster logs are used to understand the queries and events that occur on the cluster.

For help understanding log messages in your Xpand logs, contact MariaDB Support.

Logs for SkySQL services are available through the Log Archive of SkySQL Monitoring.


By default, Xpand stores logs in the /data/clustrix/log directory. To store logs in a non-default directory, set LOG_PATH in the Xpand configuration file.

Each node in the cluster has a separate set of logs.


MariaDB Xpand's most frequently used logs are:

  • clustrix.log

  • query.log

  • user.log


The clustrix.log is a chronology of cluster events as viewed from the node.


The query.log shows information for SQL statements used within Xpand. From the query.log you can identify slow queries as well as query syntax errors.

For additional information, see "Query Logging for MariaDB Xpand".


The user.log consists of timestamped logins and logouts and does not include detailed query activity.

For additional information, see "User Logging for MariaDB Xpand".