NoSQL Interface


The NoSQL protocol module allows a MariaDB server or cluster to execute transactions for applications using MongoDB client libraries, transparently converting MongoDB API calls into the equivalent SQL. The MariaDB responses are then converted into the format expected by the MongoDB® client library and application.

For detailed information on supported commands, see "NoSQL Protocol Module" in MariaDB MaxScale documentation.


  • Enterprise Server With Replica(s)

Enable Support for NoSQL

  1. When launching Enterprise Server With Replica(s), after defining the service name, expand the "Additional options" section.

  2. Check the "Enable support for NoSQL" checkbox.

Available Clients

Connect to the NoSQL interface using a MongoDB client library or compatible application. Documentation on official MongoDB libraries is available from MongoDB.

Documentation on installing mongosh (the MongoDB Shell) is available from MongoDB.

Connection Parameters

From the Dashboard, the details needed to connect to your SkySQL service can be seen by clicking on the "CONNECT" button for the desired service.

The "NoSQL port" is the TCP port used to connect to the NoSQL interface.

The firewall must be configured to allowlist the client's IP address or netblock before connections can occur.

See the "Connecting using Mongosh" section of the Connect page for an example mongosh command-line, authentication instructions, and instructions to change the default password.