Starts ColumnStore on all nodes

See CMAPI for detail on REST API endpoint, required headers, and other available actions.


Upon successful start call CMAPI connects to each MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore node and performs start-up.

Call made via HTTPS PUT, with authentication via shared secret using the x-api-key header.

JSON data required for this call:




Maximum time in seconds to wait for completion of add-node operation

Bash alias mcsStart is available starting with Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5.2.


Executing cURL Manually

CMAPI calls can be made from the command-line using cURL.

Replace the CMAPI_API_KEY and sample data in the following example:

$ curl -k -s -X PUT https://mcs1:8640/cmapi/0.4.0/cluster/start \
   --header 'Content-Type:application/json' \
   --header 'x-api-key:<CMAPI_API_KEY>' \
   --data '{"timeout":20}' \
   | jq .

The command returns a JSON payload. Piping it to jq makes the output more human-readable.

Executing the Bash Alias

Starting with Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5.2, if your bash shell is configured to source the columnstoreAlias shell script, this command can be executed using the mcsStart alias. The alias executes curl and jq, so both programs must be installed on the system.

The alias automatically retrieves the IP address for the primary node using the mcsGetConfig command. The alias automatically retrieves the API key by reading /etc/columnstore/cmapi_server.conf.

$ mcsStart

These aliases use jq produces human-readable output from the returned JSON response.