MariaDB Enterprise


MariaDB Enterprise provides a comprehensive data platform for the development of modern SQL applications.

MariaDB Enterprise has the ability to run at small scale for development environments and global scale for production environments.

MariaDB Enterprise allows customers to meet regulatory requirements for encryption, operating requirements for resiliency and scaling, and challenges from complex workloads using a single stack.

How to Obtain MariaDB Enterprise

MariaDB Enterprise is available to subscription customers from MariaDB Corporation. If you are not already a subscription customer, contact us.

Components of MariaDB Enterprise

MariaDB Enterprise includes:



MariaDB Enterprise Server

100% Open Source modern SQL database with enterprise-grade enhancements

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore

Distributed, columnar storage engine for scalable analytical processing

MariaDB Xpand

Distributed SQL, high availability, and fault tolerance for scale-out transactional workloads

MariaDB MaxScale

Advanced database proxy and query router

MariaDB Connectors

Lightweight, advanced connectors for high-performance data access

Additionally, MariaDB SkySQL provides expert-maintained cloud infrastructure from MariaDB.