Privileges for MariaDB Enterprise Server


Privileges, also referred to as grants, are used to enforce security. Privileges are assigned with a GRANT statement to allow access to database objects and to define what the user is authorized to do with the database object. The REVOKE statement is used to remove privileges.

MariaDB Enterprise Server authorization is issued as privilege grants to user accounts, which define the specific operations the account can perform and the resources they can access.

Privileges can be aggregated into ROLES to make it easy to GRANT a common set of privileges to a number of users.

Different versions of MariaDB Enterprise Server may have different grants. See the All Versions Comparison Table.

For a comparison of changes made to privileges between MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4 and MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5, see What's New in MariaDB Server 10.5.


To grant the ALTER privilege on the example-table to test@

GRANT ALTER ON example-database.example-table
TO test@;

To remove the ALTER privilege from test@

REVOKE ALTER ON example-database.example-table
TO test@;