Disable SSL/TLS


By default, MariaDB SkySQL services feature data-in-transit encryption.

"Disable SSL/TLS" is an option which can be selected during Service Launch.

When "Disable SSL/TLS" is selected, traffic to a SkySQL service is performed in the clear. This may severely impact the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your data.

MariaDB recommends use of this feature only when also using AWS PrivateLink or GCP VPC Peering. If you require AWS PrivateLink or GCP VPC Peering, please contact us regarding Power Tier before launching services.


  • Enterprise Server Single Node

  • Enterprise Server With Replica(s)

  • Xpand Distributed SQL

Connect without SSL/TLS

When "Disable SSL/TLS" is selected, client connection parameters must omit SSL, TLS, and Certificate Authority Chain parameters and options.