Administrative Tools for MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore


MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore supports many different tools that can be used for many different types of tasks, such as normal client connections and queries, business intelligence (BI) operations and analytics, and data ingestion.

Standard MariaDB Tools

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore supports most standard MariaDB clients and tools. The standard MariaDB clients and tools allow users to connect to Enterprise ColumnStore and execute queries as if it were a normal MariaDB Enterprise Server instance.

The following standard MariaDB tools are supported:

Connectors to BI Tools

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore supports connectors to some of the most popular business intelligence (BI) tools. The connectors allow users to perform analytical processing and reporting with Enterprise ColumnStore using the same BI tools that are used with other popular analytical databases.

The following connectors to BI tools are supported:

Data Ingestion Tools

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore supports several data ingestion tools. The data ingestion tools allow users to efficiently bulk load large data sets into Enterprise ColumnStore.

The following data ingestion tools are supported:

  • cpimport is a bulk data loading tool that can load from multiple types of sources, such as CSV files, TSV files, and Amazon S3 (and compatible) buckets.

  • Apache Spark connector to directly export data from Spark DataFrames to MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore

  • Kafka data adapter for rapid data ingestion

REST API Clients

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore interacts with REST APIs in two ways:

  • Enterprise ColumnStore's Cluster Management API (CMAPI) provides a REST API that can be used to administer Enterprise ColumnStore

  • MaxScale provides a REST API that can be used to administer MaxScale and to perform operations against the ColumnStore nodes monitored by MaxScale

Both REST APIs support standard REST API clients.

Examples in this documentation will use the following clients: