Launch a Distributed Transactions Topology


These instructions detail service launch using the SkySQL Portal.

Alternatively, SkySQL services can be launched using the SkySQL DBaaS API.

About this Topology

Distributed Transactions:

  • Designed for linear read/write scaling of transactional workloads

  • Runs on MariaDB Xpand

  • Available on AWS and GCP

  • Backed on AWS by EBS Provisioned IOPS SSD storage

  • Backed on GCP by Zonal SSD Persistent Disk storage

For additional information, see "Distributed Transactions".

Registering for SkySQL

Launching a SkySQL database service, requires setting up an account:

  1. Register for a MariaDB ID or log in to your MariaDB ID account.

Launch Distributed Transactions Services

Cloud provider, instance size, region, software version, storage size, and topology are selected from available defaults at time of service launch. Options can augment the default service experience.

To launch a Distributed Transactions database service:

  1. Log in to the SkySQL Portal.

  2. Click on the "+ Launch new service" button (center of page if you have no services, upper-right if you have services).

  3. Select the "Transactions" radio button.

  4. Select the "Distributed" radio button.

  5. Choose the desired cloud provider.

  6. Choose the desired region.

  7. Select the desired instance size.

  8. Select the desired number of Xpand nodes.

  9. Optionally, enable MaxScale Redundancy. This option is available on Distributed Transactions services launched with 3 or more Xpand nodes. If enabled, select the desired number of MaxScale instances and select the desired MaxScale instance size.

  10. Select the desired storage size.

  11. For AWS, choose Provisioned IOPS per GB.

  12. Select the desired MariaDB Xpand software version.

  13. Optionally, select a Maintenance Window.

  14. Enter a valid service name.

  15. Optionally Disable SSL/TLS is available for Transactions services. This option is typically used with AWS PrivateLink or GCP VPC Peering. Understand risks before enabling this option.

  16. Estimated Service Cost is shown based on selected parameters.

  17. Click the "Launch service" button.

The launch interface may place limits on the number of database services which can be launched. Please contact SkySQL Support if you require additional services.

Service Naming Rules

Each MariaDB SkySQL service launched has a customer-defined service name. These rules apply to those service names:

  • Service names can contain lowercase alphanumeric characters and hyphens.

  • A hyphen cannot be the last character.

  • The first character must be a letter.

  • The minimum service name length is 2 characters.

  • The maximum service name length is 24 characters.

  • Duplicate service names are not permitted.

    • Service names must be unique to the user.

    • When on a SkySQL Team service name must be unique to the team.