Application Development


Applications and their developers are under constant and increasing demands. User expectations grow. Business needs change. Systems built in the past struggle to remain viable as data grows and operating requirements become more complicated.

MariaDB Enterprise Server expands on the features of MariaDB Community Server, used by millions worldwide, to better meet enterprise application challenges while remaining 100% Open Source.

Real-time Flexibility and Personalization

MariaDB Enterprise includes features to power the dynamic real-time access to data needed to support user-centered design:

Available Everywhere

  • MariaDB Enterprise can run on-premises and in-the-cloud.

  • MariaDB Enterprise can run containerized with Docker/Kubernetes, virtualized, or on physical servers.

  • MariaDB Connectors can access MariaDB Enterprise from C/C++, Java, or Node.js or via ODBC.

  • A broad range of unsupported and legacy languages can access MariaDB Enterprise Server based on MySQL Client/Server Protocol compatibility.

  • MariaDB Enterprise runs at small scale and at global scale across dev/test, QA/staging, production, and DR environments.

Ready for Agile Lifecycle

The features of MariaDB Enterprise have expanded over time specifically to meet the challenges of our customers — keeping their business agile throughout the application lifecycle: