What is SkySQL?

MariaDB SkySQL delivers MariaDB Enterprise from the cloud as a DBaaS (Database as a Service). MariaDB SkySQL is produced, delivered, and supported by MariaDB Corporation


MariaDB SkySQL is a DBaaS (Database as a Service) delivering:

Operational Benefits

MariaDB SkySQL provides features to reduce DBA, operator, and developer pain-points, including:

  • Vendor support from MariaDB

  • Automated nightly backups

  • Monitoring

  • Availability from multiple GCP (Google Cloud Platform) regions

  • Availability in a range of database instance sizes and storage sizes

  • Load balancing for multi-node configurations, leveraging MariaDB MaxScale

    • Primary and Replica nodes deployed to separate GCP (Google Cloud Platform) zones for added resiliency

    • Automatic failover within seconds if the Primary fails

    • Multiple read replicas for added performance

    • Read-write split, with automated retry of queries (on a different Replica) if a Replica fails

  • SkySQL uses Kubernetes and persistent disks to automatically recover failed database instances and restore deployments to full capacity

  • SkySQL creates a private Kubernetes cluster in each region an enterprise customer deploys to, isolating their database infrastructure

  • Firewall-protected database services, with access by IP whitelisting

  • Data-at-rest encryption

  • Data-in-transit encryption