What's New in MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5?


MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 is the community release of MariaDB ColumnStore and introduces new features to MariaDB Community Server 10.5.

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore supports MaxScale, multi-node deployments, and high availability for MariaDB Enterprise Server. For information, see "What's New in MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 1.5".

MariaDB Community Server Convergence

MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 converges with MariaDB Community Server even further:

  • It uses a simplified installation procedure, which is similar to other MariaDB Community Server storage engines.

  • It supports even more queries and other features that are supported by MariaDB Community Server.


MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 is included with MariaDB Community Server 10.5:


MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 simplifies the installation process:


MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 has been superseded by MariaDB ColumnStore 5. To install this version, see "Deploy".

OAM Replacement

MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 replaces the OAM:

  • mcsadmin has been removed.

  • ColumnStore 1.5 uses systemd for administration.

  • The new systemd service called mariadb-columnstore is used to manage ColumnStore's processes. This systemd service replaces the following mcsadmin commands:

    Old mcsadmin Command

    Replacement systemd Command

    sudo mcsadmin startSystem

    sudo systemctl start mariadb-columnstore

    sudo mcsadmin stopSystem

    sudo systemctl stop mariadb-columnstore

    sudo mcsadmin shutdownSystem

    sudo systemctl stop mariadb-columnstore

    sudo mcsadmin restartSystem

    sudo systemctl restart mariadb-columnstore

Character Sets and Collations

MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 adds support for more character sets and collations in more scenarios:

  • It uses a column's defined collation to sort the column for ORDER BY operations, rather than always sorting with latin1_general_cs.

  • It adds support for the COLLATE clause in CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE statements.

  • It adds support for the COLLATE clause in ORDER BY clauses.


Currently, it is still recommended to create MariaDB ColumnStore tables with the utf8 character set. To ensure that all MariaDB ColumnStore tables use the proper character set, MariaDB ColumnStore's installation and upgrade procedures in the Deployment Guide say that the character_set_server system variable should be set to utf8.

S3-Compatible Object Storage

MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 adds further enhancements to its capabilities with S3-compatible object storage:

  • It ensures that Storage Manager shuts down properly when a fatal error occurs.

  • It adds support to cpimport for multi-node ColumnStore deployments that use S3-compatible object storage.

Query Compatibility

Improved Support for DDL

MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 adds support for additional Data Definition Language (DDL) statements:

Improved Support for DML

MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 adds support for additional Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements:

  • It improves support for using the LOAD DATA INFILE statement within a transaction.

  • It adds support for microseconds to the FROM_UNIXTIME() function.

  • It improves support for the EXPLAIN statement.

Improved Support for Window Functions

MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5 adds support for additional queries that use window functions:

  • It adds support for using an IN() in a WHERE clause when the query uses a window function.

  • It adds support for COUNT(NULL) OVER().

For a complete list of changes, see MariaDB ColumnStore 1.5.2 release notes.