Choosing a SkySQL Release


When accessing SkySQL, you may be prompted to choose between the "SkySQL current release" and "SkySQL preview release".

After initial release selection, you can switch to the other release using the link in the banner at the top of the SkySQL Portal interface.

Release choice

Release choice.

SkySQL current release can be accessed at

SkySQL preview release can be accessed at

Available Documentation

Separate documentation is available for the SkySQL current release.

This page is part of "SkySQL preview release" documentation.


The SkySQL current release is production-ready and generally available.

The SkySQL preview release is beta maturity (Technical Preview) and not for production workloads.

Independent Releases

Services on SkySQL current release are separate and independent from services on the SkySQL preview release.

You can try the SkySQL preview release without impacting your existing production services and workloads on the SkySQL current release.


Pricing, features, and user interfaces differ between SkySQL current release and SkySQL preview release.

See SkySQL current release documentation for the features of that release.

See "Features of SkySQL preview release" for the features of the preview release.


New and existing SkySQL customers access SkySQL preview release at the Foundation Tier, which includes the Standard Support Plan.