mcsGetConfig for MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 6


MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 6 includes the mcsGetConfig utility, which gets configuration parameters from Columnstore.xml.

Reference material is available for MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 6.

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 6 is included with MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6.


The syntax for the mcsGetConfig utility is:


The supported sections and parameters are shown in Columnstore.xml, which is located in /etc/columnstore/ by default.


The mcsGetConfig utility gets configuration parameters from Columnstore.xml, which is located in /etc/columnstore/ by default.

mcsSetConfig is a related utility that sets configuration parameters in Columnstore.xml.

mcsGetConfig Options for MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 6




display all configuration values


config_file use config file config_file


display this help text


display all configuration values in .ini-file format (implies -a)


display verbose information

To see options supported in other versions, see "mcsGetConfig Options by MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore Version".


Get Mandatory Utility User Account

To get the configuration parameters for the mandatory utility user account:

$ sudo mcsGetConfig CrossEngineSupport Host
$ sudo mcsGetConfig CrossEngineSupport Port
$ sudo mcsGetConfig CrossEngineSupport User
$ sudo mcsGetConfig CrossEngineSupport Password

Get Memory Limit for Joins

To get the memory limit for joins:

$ mcsGetConfig HashJoin PmMaxMemorySmallSide

Get Disk-Based Join Configuration

To get the configuration parameters for disk-based joins:

$ mcsGetConfig HashJoin AllowDiskBasedJoin
$ mcsGetConfig HashJoin TempFileCompression
$ mcsGetConfig HashJoin TempFilePath