Todo App with MariaDB Connector/R2DBC


Todo is a sample web application for managing a todo list. The application is compatible with MariaDB Connector/R2DBC and MariaDB SkySQL Single Node Transactions and Replicated Transactions services.

Todo demonstrates the ease-of-use of MariaDB Connectors and Single Node Transactions or Replicated Transactions on MariaDB SkySQL by managing a list of arbitrary tasks, adding new tasks, and tracking their status.

Todo Application

Todo has three components:

  • React.js front-end web application

  • Java-based back-end application service

  • Single Node Transactions database back-end running on MariaDB SkySQL


Clone the Repository

The Todo example application is available from the MariaDB Corporation repository on GitHub. It contains the API code in Java and other languages, and the React.js front-end web application that connects to the API.

To download the Todo application, clone the repository from GitHub:

$ git clone

This creates a dev-example-todo directory on your file system.

Provision Database Service

Todo requires a back-end database service using the InnoDB storage engine. The application is compatible with Single Node Transactions and Replicated Transactions topologies of MariaDB SkySQL. For the purposes of demonstration, this guide uses the Single Node Transactions topology on MariaDB SkySQL.

For additional information, see "Launch".

Create the Database Schema

Todo uses an InnoDB table to store the todo entries.

Use the MariaDB Client to connect to the database service and initialize the schema:

  1. Connect to your database service.

  2. Use CREATE DATABASE to create a database for the application:

  3. Use CREATE TABLE to create a table to store the todo entries:

    CREATE TABLE todo.tasks (
      description VARCHAR(500) NOT NULL,
      completed BOOLEAN NOT NULL DEFAULT 0
    ) ENGINE = InnoDB;

This creates a todo.tasks table for use by the Todo application with MariaDB SkySQL as a database back-end.

Install the Back-end Application Service

The Todo front-end web application connects to the database service using a back-end application service. The repository contains different versions of the back-end app, enabling you to test and experiment with different languages and different MariaDB Connectors. These instructions are for Java using MariaDB Connector/R2DBC.

Navigate to the api directory for MariaDB Connector/R2DBC in the cloned repository:

$ cd dev-example-todo/api/r2dbc

Configure the Back-end Application Service

To connect to your MariaDB SkySQL database service, the application must be configured to use the appropriate credentials.

  1. Create properties file at src/main/resources/ and populate it with the login credentials for your MariaDB SkySQL service:

    host          =
    username      = db_user
    password      = db_password
    database      = todo
    port          = 5001
    clientSslCert = classpath:static/skysql_chain.pem
  2. Create a directory for static files:

    $ mkdir src/main/resources/static
  3. Copy your SkySQL CA file into the static directory:

    $ cp /path/to/skysql_chain.pem src/main/resources/static

Build the Back-end Application Service

To build the Java back-end application service:

$ mvn package

Start the Back-end Application Service

Once you have the back-end application service configured and installed, you can start the service:

$ mvn spring-boot:run

Install Front-end

In the Todo sample application, the client is a React.js application that connects to the back-end application service and provides a web interface.

To install and start the web application:

  1. Navigate to the client directory in the cloned repository:

    $ cd dev-example-todo/client
  2. Install the web application:

    $ npm install
  3. Start the web application:

    $ npm start

The React.js web application is now running. You can access it through your web browser at http://localhost:3000.

Live Demonstration

When the front-end web application and the back-end application service are running, Todo simulates an online todo list application, maintaining a record of open and completed tasks on a Single Node Transactions database service on MariaDB SkySQL.

Todo Application

The web application provides basic task management functionality, allowing you to add, finish, and delete tasks.

The client connects to the database service through the back-end application service, retrieves a list of todo entries from the table, crossing through any that have been completed. To add a task, click the "Add New Task" button. To mark a task as complete, click the checkbox. To delete a task, click the trash can icon.