Release Notes for MariaDB Connector/J 2.7.9


MariaDB Connector/J is a lightweight JDBC driver (Type 4) for building applications on top of MariaDB database products with Java 8, Java 11, and Java 17.

This release is compatible with JDBC 4.2.

MariaDB Connector/J 2.7.9 was released on 2023-03-22. This release is of General Availability (GA) maturity.

Issues Fixed

  • When a TLS plugin is implemented using the TlsSocketPlugin interface, a race condition can cause errors to occur. (CONJ-1054)

    • In previous releases, the current thread's class loader was used to load TlsSocketPlugin instances, which would cause errors like the following to occur in some threads:

      Client has not found any TLS factory plugin with name 'NAME'
    • Starting with this release, Connector/J's internal class loader is used to load TlsSocketPlugin instances.

  • When the DatabaseMetadata.getTypeInfo() method is used to return data type metadata, an incorrect value is returned for the UNSIGNED_ATTRIBUTE column. (CONJ-1063)

    • In previous releases, the UNSIGNED_ATTRIBUTE column is always true.

    • Starting with this release, the UNSIGNED_ATTRIBUTE column is only true when a numeric column is defined with the UNSIGNED attribute.