Release Notes for MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.6.1


MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore is a columnar storage engine included with MariaDB Enterprise Server. This is the fifth release in the Enterprise ColumnStore 5 series.

This release of MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore is included with MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5.10-7.

This release is of General Availability (GA) maturity.

MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.6.1 was released on 2021-06-14.

Notable Changes

  • FLOOR() now returns a fully-formatted DATETIME in alignment to CEIL() behavior. (MCOL-4263)

  • MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore now supports disk-based aggregation. Prior to this release, all aggregation could occur only in memory. With disk-based aggregation, larger aggregated result sets can be handled than would fit in memory. (MCOL-563)

    To enable disk-based aggregation, edit Columnstore.xml and within the RowAggregation section configure:

    1. AllowDiskBasedAggregation=Y to enable the feature. The default is N

    2. TempDir to the directory path for storing temporary files. The default is /tmp/columnstore_tmp_files/aggregates

  • SSL certificate verification can now be disabled for S3-compatible storage. We recommend that SSL certificate verification be disabled only when necessary, and where appropriate compensatory controls exist. (MCOL-3542)

    To disable SSL certificate verification, edit storagemanager.cnf and configure:

    • ssl_verify = disabled to disable SSL certificate verification. The default is ssl_verify = enabled, which enables SSL certificate verification when connecting by HTTPS to S3-compatible storage.

  • HTTP connections can now be made to S3-compatible storage. We recommend using HTTPS connections, and to use HTTP connections only when necessary and where appropriate compensatory controls exist. (MCOL-3542)

    To enable HTTP connections, edit storagemanager.cnf and configure:

    • use_http = enabled to enable HTTP connections to S3-compatible storage. The default is use_http = disabled, which uses HTTPS connections to S3-compatible storage.

  • TCP port number for S3-compatible storage connections can now be specified by setting port_number in storagemanager.cnf (MCOL-3542)

  • CMAPI now pushes storagemanager.cnf changes to newly-added nodes. Prior to this release, storagemanager.cnf to nodes before they were added. (MCOL-4363)

  • Performance enhancements for general query execution, LIKE, and for subqueries containing a UNION (MCOL-4692, MCOL-4498, MCOL-4589)

  • TRIM(), CONCAT(), REPLACE(), ENCODE(), and DECODE() functions, and the || (concatenate) operator now work when sql_mode=ORACLE (MCOL-4044)

  • Update to CMAPI REST API for node add:

    • Old: curl -X PUT --header 'Content-Type:application/json' --header 'x-api-key:somekey123' --data '{"timeout":20, "node": ""}' -k

    • New: curl -X PUT --header 'Content-Type:application/json' --header 'x-api-key:somekey123' --data '{"timeout":20, "node": ""}' -k | jq .

  • Update to CMAPI REST API for node removal:

    • Old: curl -X PUT --header 'Content-Type:application/json' --header 'x-api-key:somekey123' --data '{"timeout":20, "node": ""}' -k

    • New: curl -X DELETE --header 'Content-Type:application/json' --header 'x-api-key:somekey123' --data '{"timeout":20, "node": ""}' -k | jq .

Issues Fixed

Can result in data loss

  • CMAPI shutdown of cluster is abrupt, and may occur in the middle of transaction execution or rollback. (MCOL-4675)

Can result in a hang or crash

  • Crash with JOIN when using certain collations. (MCOL-4470)

  • Crash or performance impact due to SELECT bypassing select handler when @variables are involved in the query projection list. (MCOL-4410)

  • Assert in COUNT(DISTINCT) in a JOIN on Ubuntu 20.04. (MCOL-4638)

  • Assert when a function is used in an aggregation on Ubuntu 20.04. (MCOL-4620)

  • Delay in execution of first query after ColumnStore restart. (MCOL-4071)

  • Long command strings cause crash of cpimport (MCOL-3394)

  • Failover hangs with multi-node ColumnStore 5.4 when using S3 storage, requiring an API call to restart cluster. (MCOL-4440)

  • Crash with concurrent Pentaho ETL and queries. (MCOL-4555)

Can result in unexpected behavior

  • Incorrect result from UNION of a huge narrow DECIMAL (such as 17,1) and BIGINT (MCOL-4613)

  • UDAF can return a bad value instead of expected value NULL (MCOL-4643)

  • DISTINCT is case sensitive even when using case insensitive collation. (MCOL-4065)

  • WHERE is not collation aware on CHAR(1) and CHAR(2) (MCOL-4726)

  • GROUP and DISTINCT are not collation aware on CHAR(1) (MCOL-4721)

  • LIKE is not collation-aware. (MCOL-4498)

  • Performance impacted on nested queries with aggregates. (MCOL-4543)

  • INSERT .. SELECT * FROM (subselect) throws is not in GROUP BY clause even when it is part of the GROUP BY clause. (MCOL-3890)

  • ERROR 1815 (HY000): Internal error: IDB-1000 on FROM subquery containing nested JOINs. (MCOL-4680)

  • INSERT from VIEW generates error IDB-1011: Insert on VIEW is currently not supported. (MCOL-4687)


In alignment to the enterprise lifecycle, MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore 5.5.2 is provided for:

  • CentOS 7

  • CentOS 8

  • Debian 9

  • Debian 10

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

  • Ubuntu 18.04

  • Ubuntu 20.04