Release Notes for MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.3.38-19


MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.3.38-19 is a maintenance release of MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.3. This release includes a variety of fixes.

MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.3.38-19 was released on 2023-03-13.

Issues Fixed

Can result in data loss

  • When executing a DELETE or UPDATE with a subselect, the server can crash. (MDEV-10087)

  • When performing an incremental backup, MariaDB Enterprise Backup does not reflect databases that have been dropped and created. (MDEV-23335)

Can result in a hang or crash

  • When DELETE HISTORY is executed for a system versioned table with full text index, the server can crash. (MDEV-25004)

  • When an ALTER TABLE statement causes InnoDB to rebuild a table with a spatial index, the server can crash. (MDEV-29856)

  • When using SPIDER with SPIDER_DIRECT_SQL and spider_udf_ds_use_real_table=1, the server can crash. (MDEV-29855)

  • When executing REPLACE INTO ... PARTITION(...), the server can crash. (MDEV-29636)

  • Galera SST doesn't properly handle undo* files from InnoDB. As a result, SST may terminate incorrectly when --innodb-undo-tablespaces is set to 3 or more. (MDEV-30157)

  • With a query containing nested WINDOW clauses, the server can crash. (MDEV-30052)

  • When executing a SELECT from complex a view with WHERE clause and with the setting derived_merge=on, the server can crash. (MDEV-30081)

  • Infinite sequence of recursive calls when processing embedded CTE, when such a reference has the same table name as the name of the CTE. (MDEV-30248)

  • A deadlock between InnoDB statistics updates and BLOB insert can result in a server hang. (MDEV-29883)

Can result in unexpected behavior

  • log_query_not_using_indexes=OFF is ignored when log_slow_filter is an empty string. (MDEV-21187)

  • MariaDB Enterprise Backup returns with an error when the option --galera-info is used for creating a backup of a MariaDB Server instance, which is not a MariaDB Enterprise Cluster node. Failed to get master wsrep state from SHOW STATUS (MDEV-30293)

  • When querying a table with virtual generated columns using full text search, these columns are not generated and are always NULL in the result set. (MDEV-29169)

  • Identifiers are not quoted for the output of SHOW GRANTS. Using the result to execute the grant statement results in a syntax error, if reserved keywords are used. (MDEV-30056)

  • Spider table with CHARSET utf32/utf16/ucs2 tries to set client CHARSET to unsupported value. (MDEV-29562)

  • Incorrect results are returned when using STDDEV_SAMP() with a view. (MDEV-19071)

  • A spurious error can be generated: ERROR 1292 (22007) at the line 15: Truncated incorrect DECIMAL value:# (MDEV-30342)

  • When running mariadb-binlog using the option --verbose, cannot read row events with compressed columns: Error: Don't know how to handle column type:... (MDEV-25277)

  • Incorrect results are returned with outer join, merged derived table, and view. (MDEV-28602)

  • Some DDL, such as ANALYZE, can be completed out of order on parallel replicas. (MDEV-30323)

  • seconds_behind_master is incorrect for delayed parallel replicas. (MDEV-29639)


In alignment to the enterprise lifecycle, MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.3.38-19 is provided for:

  • CentOS 7 (x86_64)

  • Debian 10 (x86_64, ARM64)

  • Microsoft Windows (x86_64) (MariaDB Enterprise Cluster excluded)

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (x86_64)

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (x86_64, ARM64)

  • Rocky Linux 8 (x86_64, ARM64)

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (x86_64)

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 (x86_64, ARM64)

  • Ubuntu 18.04 (x86_64, ARM64)

  • Ubuntu 20.04 (x86_64, ARM64)

Some components of MariaDB Enterprise Server might not support all platforms. For additional information, see "MariaDB Corporation Engineering Policies".