Release Notes for MariaDB Xpand 5.3.19


MariaDB Xpand is a distributed SQL database. This release of MariaDB Xpand is a maintenance release.

MariaDB Xpand 5.3.19 was released on 2021-12-13.

This release note pertains to MariaDB Xpand version 5.3.19.

Notable Changes

  • With this release, Xpand addresses an issue where STRICT_TRANS_TABLE does not validate when values are out of range or perform type checks. With Xpand versions 5.3.18+, errors will be raised for invalid input for all types except for: SET, UNSIGNED INT, BIT, ENUM, FLOAT, DOUBLE, REAL UNSIGNED, DATE, TIME, DATETIME, TIMESTAMP, YEAR (XPT-26)

  • Support for sha256_password without SSL (XPT-67)

  • Add additional stats to the statd exporter, including: more replication info, more lock info, total and unused session counts per node, transaction age histograms, zone for each node, pnids, and better error handling (XPT-150, XPT-151, XPT-154, XPT-155)

  • Provide the ability to skip binlogging (per binlog) at the session level. Add a variable sql_log_skip_binlogs. When specified, a comma-separated list of binlog names to exclude will be filtered (XPT-117)

Issues Fixed

Can result in data loss

  • After a partial rollback, in rare circumstances, data inconsistency could occur when writing undo logs due to an issue with cache invalidation (XPT-122)

Can result in a hang or crash

  • Too much debug logging could lead to a group change when using parallel replication (XPT-135)

  • Parallel replication could lead to an out of memory condition

  • The parallel Replication replica (slave) could encounter a deadlock where a writer was paused even though the reader couldn't progress

  • A rare, but serious condition where queries with many nested subqueries could result in a group change

  • Backups could lead to an out of memory condition resulting in a group change (XPT-121)

Can result in unexpected behavior

  • Show whether connections to the replica are encrypted as part of the output of SHOW SLAVE STATUS

  • SSL could not be used with parallel replication

  • Add statistics to track parallel replication event and relay log statistics per replica (slave) slice

  • Update statistics displayed by system.mysql_slave_stats to reflect changes for parallel replication and the distributed replica (slave)

  • undo_count was incorrectly cached during partial rollback

  • Upsert against a UNIQUE key could incorrectly result in an error

  • Update the Query Plan Cache so that it does not to not fetch statistics if there is already an optimal choice

  • Some counters in the Query Plan Cache (QPC) would lead to incorrectly large values (XPT-107)

  • Query plans generated for prepared statements that use IN statements do not match plans generated when sql is directly executed (XPT-38)

  • The output of SHOW MASTER STATUS Binlog_Do_DB is NULL where MariaDB Enterprise Server returns an empty string (XPT-132)

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