clx for MariaDB Xpand


Xpand includes a general-purpose command line utility called clx for monitoring and managing a deployment.

The clx command must be executed on one of the Xpand nodes.

A single clx command is automatically processed in parallel on all Xpand nodes. It is located in the /opt/clustrix/bin/ directory.

The most useful commands are:



clx status

Displays the status, IP, and disk utilization of each node in the deployment.

clx cmd

Runs Linux commands in parallel on all nodes

clx logdump

Consolidates and filters Xpand logs so database issues can be researched and resolved.

clx dbstop

Stops Xpand on all nodes.

clx dbstart

Starts Xpand on all nodes.

clx dbrestart

Restarts Xpand on all nodes. (Use in lieu of dbstop and dbstart where applicable.)

Xpand clx utility also communicates with another critical element of the system called nanny. The nanny is a database deployment process that provides monitoring to ensure that all processes vital to Xpand are running. It is activated at system startup. If any critical Xpand component fails at any point, for any reason, nanny restarts it automatically.

For additional information, see "clx in MariaDB Xpand Reference".