Uninstall MariaDB Xpand


The steps below can be used to uninstall the Xpand software on a server.


When you perform this procedure, any data stored on this server will be lost and unrecoverable.

  1. Remove the node from the cluster (if necessary)

    If the server on which you wish to uninstall Xpand is currently part of an active cluster, first use the procedure to remove the node from the cluster while maintaining data protection for the rest of the cluster. For additional information, see "Scale-In with MariaDB Xpand". Wait until the entire procedure is complete, and the node has been completely removed from the cluster.

  2. Stop Xpand Services

    On each server you want to uninstall Xpand, stop the Xpand services:

    shell> systemctl stop clustrix

    On each server you are uninstalling Xpand on, run the uninstall_xpand script:

    shell> /opt/clustrix/bin/uninstall_xpand

You will be prompted to confirm the action. Once the script exits, the uninstall is complete.

If you plan to re-use servers for non-root Xpand installation and those servers had Xpand installed as root, you should also run the following:

shell> rm /dev/shm/*