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Modern analytics and data warehousing made easy.

MariaDB AX is an enterprise open source solution for modern data warehousing – fast, powerful and scalable analytics on commodity hardware or cloud infrastructure.

MariaDB AX is comprised of a database with analytical storage and query processing (MariaDB ColumnStore), an advanced database proxy (MariaDB MaxScale), connectors (C/C++ and JDBC/ODBC), application import adapters (C++, Java, Python and Spark) and streaming import adapters for Apache Kafka and MariaDB MaxScale.

MariaDB AX features:

  • Distributed data for scalability and parallel processing
  • Columnar storage for fast, ad hoc queries (no indexes)
  • Data adapters for importing data on demand (no batch ETL)
  • GlusterFS support for high availability
  • SQL and UDFs for easy to use, but powerful analytics

Try MariaDB AX today – powerful analytics made fast, easy and affordable.

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