Any Number of MariaDB Server, MaxScale or Xpand Nodes by a Couple of Shell Commands

  • Timofey Turenko, QA Engineer, MariaDB

Most organizations, large and small, run tens to hundreds – even thousands – of database instances. It’s imperative that IT and cloud operations have the ability to spin up, clone and restore multiple instances in a relatively short period of time with minimal investment. Watch this session for a hands-on demonstration of MDBCI, a tool for deployment of any combination of MariaDB, MySQL, MaxScale and Xpand that allows you to describe your setup as a simple JSON file and does not go into the jungle of deployment and provisioning tools. With MDBCI, there’s no need to understand Chef recipes, write long Vagrant files or dig into Terraform documentation. MDBCI converts human-readable descriptions into a set of Vagrant files, Terraform configs, and cloud API commands and then deploys any number of nodes as QEmu/libvirt, Amazon Web Service, machines or Google Cloud machines. Then it runs Chef recipes to install MariaDB Server (with any plugins and tools, including mariadb-backup, ColumnStore, etc.), MaxScale or Xpand. This functionality, together with additional features like automatic node restart in case of deployment or provisioning failure, automatic repositories scanning, and virtual machines snapshots, provides an easy way to create complex sets of database and proxy server nodes for testing or production purposes in minutes.

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