Deploying MariaDB Data Directly Into ML Models with MindsDB

  • Tom Hudson, Engineering Manager, MindsDB

MindsDB is an open source machine learning (ML) platform that makes it easy for developers to deploy ML models directly from data in MariaDB SkySQL. MindsDB supports a wide range of popular ML tools, including OpenAI, Hugging Face, TensorFlow, PyTorch, XGBoost, LightGBM and more. This session illustrates how to light up ChatGPT with machine learning via SkySQL.

Learn how to use MindsDB and SkySQL to:

  • Integrate natural language processing solutions into your databases
  • Extract meaning from all your data across apps
  • Convert that meaning into valuable insights with sentiment analysis
  • Speed up model creation and utilization by storing it as a table in your SkySQL database deployment
  • Reduce time to create subsequent models