EXSCALATE: Building a Faster, More Efficient & Less Costly Drug Discovery Platform with MariaDB

  • Andrea Rosario Beccari, Senior Director EXSCALATE, Dompé farmaceutici SpA

Computational methods have been used in the drug discovery process for many years. Despite tremendous technological advances in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry, the failure rate of new molecular entities is still extremely high, and drug development is costly and slow. In this session, Dompé, a global biopharmaceutical company with a 130-year legacy of medical innovation, introduces EXSCALATE, the supercomputing platform for drug discovery with the TCS DB, the largest enumerated chemical library in the world for preclinical and candidate identification, to enable a faster, more efficient, and cheaper drug discovery process. Presenters detail how they developed EXSCALATE and why they chose MariaDB ColumnStore to manage the TCS DB, its ever-growing database of molecules.

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