Fireside Chat: Best Practices for Migrating Your On-Premises MariaDB Deployment to SkySQL

  • Sean Clark, Co-founder and CTO, WBX Commerce
  • Manjot Singh, Field Chief Technology Officer, MariaDB

Many organizations view the initial phase of moving from on-premises to a cloud database service or cloud database-as-a-service (DBaaS) as a lift-and-shift exercise, seeing any deviation from this as a potential risk of increased costs, delayed deployment, and other negative impacts. Further, for those that have adopted first-generation DBaaS offerings, there is often disappointment regarding the lack of automation, inefficient use of resources, and need to stitch together disjointed services. Join us in this fireside chat to hear how a MariaDB SkySQL customer has exceeded their expectations regarding ease of transition from on-premises to the cloud, have affordably and rapidly scaled their operations on SkySQL, and are extending their use of SkySQL to support additional projects and downstream services.