Is Now MariaDB Cloud

We believe the cloud should give you more freedom, not less. Yet many solutions force choices that result in dissatisfaction.

According to a December 2022 IDC survey*, 40% of respondents said they have moved database deployments from public clouds to another type of deployment (e.g. on-prem). Respondents cited reasons such as database performance and security features were not sufficient for their needs and public cloud vendor’s support was not satisfactory.

Experience the freedom to go anywhere with MariaDB Cloud, a managed database service for any cloud, your way.

*IDC Survey Spotlight: Why Some Are Moving Databases from the Public Cloud Back to the Datacenter, Doc #US49468223, March 2023


Whether you’re in a regulated industry or you want to break boundaries, a cookie-cutter DBaaS approach is not going to cut it. MariaDB Cloud is for companies that need a more tailored cloud experience with full flexibility and the freedom to be bold.


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