SkyDBA: Remote DBA Services for MariaDB SkySQL

Expert Database Support, 24×7×365

Even with the automations and efficiencies in MariaDB SkySQL, you need humans with real-world expertise to keep things running smoothly. MariaDB SkyDBA is the only remote DBA service focused 100% on MariaDB SkySQL, providing you with unparalleled expertise from senior-level MariaDB certified DBAs, available 24×7. These SkyDBAs function as virtual members of your team, performing all database operations like a full-time employee would, but at a fraction of the cost.

SkyDBA Benefits at a Glance

MariaDB SkySQL makes deploying and managing MariaDB databases easier than ever, but staying on top of your databases and gleaning insights from your data requires qualified DBAs – and enough of them to provide around-the-clock coverage. That’s where SkyDBA comes in.


SkyDBA Services Comparison

How does SkyDBA work?

MariaDB SkyDBAs are flexible, accessible and efficient – providing both strategic and advisory guidance specific to your business needs.


SkyDBA Services

Day-to-day tasksThe SkyDBA team handles user management, schema operations/upgrades, data imports and other routine database operations.
Real-time chatGet a quick answer by initiating a chat through a private channel in MariaDB's Slack instance.
Voice supportFor S1 emergency production outages, you can request a voice call from your SkyDBA.
Migration assistanceGet expert advice on migrating existing data to SkySQL.
Replica scalingYour SkyDBA can add replicas to your environment for HA or to scale up read capacity, and remove replicas when the extra compute power isn't needed.
Custom config optimizationYour SkyDBA will work with you to make configuration changes appropriate to your workload and topology.
Reactive tuning assistanceGet insights and advice on poorly performing queries and workloads, plus measures to help improve performance.
Data recovery assistance & validationYour SkyDBA can help recover data from backup (not just conduct a point-in-time restore), plus periodically validate that backups are valid.
Proactive monitoring & incident responseWhen an event on your instance could impact your business, the SkyDBA team will investigate the event and work to resolve any issues.
Extended troubleshooting & analysisOur database experts remove the burden of tasks such as core dumps and system logging.
Tailored backup/restore strategiesWork with the SkyDBA team to customize backup and restore strategies based on your needs.
Monthly security auditsThe SkyDBA team can audit users and grants, ensure adequate passwords are in place and monitor user privileges.
Quarterly business reviewEvery quarter, the SkyDBA team can meet with you to review matters such as historical and peak usage, growth/capacity planning, recovery time/recovery point objectives, escalation points and business continuity planning.
Dedicated customer success managerYour dedicated customer success manager is your advocate, ensuring that the SkyDBA team is always focused on your business goals and project plans so you get the best experience possible with SkySQL.

Speak with a MariaDB Expert About SkyDBA

SkyDBA is available as an add-on to Enterprise and Platinum support subscriptions.

Our SkyDBA team knows MariaDB databases inside and out. Every team member holds a MariaDB Certified Database Administrator certificate – a level of expertise you won’t find anywhere else. When you want the world’s best resources to ensure your deployment is always up and running, count on SkyDBA.


Looking for Remote DBA Services for MariaDB on Premises/in a Third-Party Cloud?

Remote database administration services are available for your on-premises, IaaS, or third-party cloud deployments. No matter how you’re using MariaDB, you can find the perfect mix of remote DBA services to complement your in-house resources with these offerings and many more:

  • Architecture and best practices review
  • Backup management
  • Health checks
  • Tuning
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • 30-minute response to S1 issues