Learning MySQL and MariaDB

by Russell J.T. Dyer, Curriculum Manager of MariaDB Corp.

With an easy, step-by-step approach, this practical guide shows programmers new to databases how to install, effectively use, and maintain MySQL and MariaDB. You’ll learn these database systems through real-world examples and many practical tips.

LearningMySQLandMariaDB.jpgPopular and easy-to-use database engines such as MySQL and MariaDB—a community-driven variant of MySQL—help organizations large and small handle data by providing robust and efficient access in ways not offered by spreadsheets and other types of data stores. Experienced web developers and programmers interested in adding MySQL to their skill sets will also find this book useful.

Topics include:

  • An introduction to database systems and the SQL database language
  • Installation and basic administration of MySQL and MariaDB
  • Functions, subqueries, and other query enhancements
  • Methods for accessing MySQL and MariaDB from popular programming languages

"MySQL and MariaDB are among the most commonly used database servers, and with the rapid adoption of MariaDB, this is the book to read to get up to speed on learning both of them. You'll learn all of the SQL statements and functions you'll need to know, as well as all of the features of MariaDB. Russell makes it easy and accessible with exercises that will take you through the process of learning--and towards becoming an expert."

Colin Charles, currently Chief Evangelist at MariaDB Corp., and formerly Community Relations Manager at MySQL Inc.