Congratulations to Monty Program on its Beta Release of MariaDB 5.3!

The primary objective of this release was to radically improve performance for subqueries, as well as for joins and single-table queries over large data sets. The MariaDB 5.3 release is based on MariaDB 5.2 (and therefor, MariaDB 5.1 & MySQL 5.1).

Noteworthy improvements in this release include:

  • The biggest redesign for the MariaDB optimizer in 10 yrs
  • NoSQL support
  • Replication and binary logging
  • Support for new datatypes
  • Enhanced Windows performance

To learn more, read Monty Program’s knowledge base article on MariaDB 5.3. You can download the binaries of MariaDB 5.3 here.

Technical support, professional services, and training on the MariaDB database is available from SkySQL. For help with your MariaDB databases, contact SkySQL