New Major MariaDB SkySQL Release Increases Versatility and Scalability

Modern applications require robust data models that span from traditional transactions to business analytics, to complex machine learning and AI algorithms with varying scalability requirements. SkySQL eliminates the need for applications developers to mash together a myriad of database technologies to meet their evolving needs.

SkySQL now runs the latest version of MariaDB Platform X5. In particular, this major release of SkySQL adds distributed SQL for write scalability with strong consistency, and distributed cloud data warehousing with massively parallel processing.

In this blog, I’ll highlight some of the new cornerstone features of this release – additional topologies, push button scalability and expanded monitoring.

Versatility: Additional Topologies

SkySQL customers have a one-stop solution to deploy anything from a low-cost single node database for development to production-grade write scalable, high-performance, fault-tolerant databases to highly available cloud data warehousing – all in a single portal interface.


This release of SkySQL adds:

  • Distributed SQL for linear read and write scaling with high availability, fault tolerant data protection and elasticity
  • Multi-node Cluster with read scaling, high availability and virtually-synchronous replication powered by Galera
  • Multi-node Analytics with high availability and backed by scalable shared object storage for cloud data warehousing

To existing capabilities:

  • Multi-node Primary/Replica with read scaling, high availability and asynchronous or semi-synchronous replication
  • Single-node HTAP combining transactional and analytical capabilities

Elasticity: Scaling with Ease

Modern applications put enormous pressure on infrastructure to support changing demand. Application developers are constantly forced to guess peak demands and weigh that against operational efficiency and cost. Existing cloud platforms satisfy some of the basic needs to scale, but with enormous delay and unpredictable cost. In this release, we are very happy to introduce an “easy” button to scale Xpand with ease.

Scaling is a new feature in this release of SkySQL’s Distributed SQL.

When workload demands require more capacity, SkySQL enables you to rapidly deploy additional nodes without the overhead of complex, boring, error prone activities. The same process can be followed to scale down after the peak load period is done, no need to pay for servers that sit idle. And SkySQL brings predictability in pricing and without the cost surprises of some of our competitors.

Observability: MariaDB SkySQL Monitoring

Services at a glance is the default first view in SkySQL Monitoring.

In the last few months, our customers have enjoyed getting to know our integrated monitoring interface. Thanks to feedback from our customers, we’ve added new enhancements and expanded monitoring. For example, we added support for Xpand, the engine responsible for distributed SQL and Clustering, powered by Galera. We’ve also added a new sleek user interface with an intuitive dashboard and easy to use UI to monitor and manage databases deployed in SkySQL. In-depth metrics are available at both the service and server level. With these updates, SkySQL Monitoring is now GA.

It’s easy to drill down to see fine-grained metrics for your services and servers on SkySQL.

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