Remote DBA

Remote DBA Services monitor, manage and optimize MariaDB databases

Remote DBA Services from MariaDB provide comprehensive, high-impact results. Managing your databases remotely, the team with the world’s most extensive MariaDB expertise will immediately apply qualified DBA manpower where and when you need it most.

MariaDB’s Remote DBA Standard Subscription provides a resource who responds to alerts and provides ongoing support to ensure your database is performing at its peak. The Remote DBA Platinum Subscription delivers a proactive resource who works with your team to understand your application needs and tunes your database to meet those needs. With a variety of Remote DBA options available, you can find the service subscription that complements your in-house resources.

MariaDB’s Remote DBA is absolutely amazing. It’s an expert resource on tap – easy to contact, helpful and very responsive to where we are using it. Every dollar we invest translates into great value in helping us to be more agile as we strive to meet our business objectives.

Steve Sharpe, System Architect, Teleplan

Resources to manage every part of your database


Remote DBA
 Standard Subscription

Remote DBA
Platinum Subscription

Set up and tuning of server monitoring maintenance


Initial deployment, review and configuration health check


Backup configuration and verification


Consistency, latency and state checks for replicated environments


Monthly status calls to review deployment for tuning, maintenance and health check


Quarterly calls to review roadmap, performance, uptime and issue history


Review and recommend best practices for backup, security, replication and more


Unlimited minor version upgrades


Service Credits


For advanced management and administrative tasks beyond the scope of the Remote DBA Subscription, we provide service credits. Our customers leverage the credits for upgrades, schema changes, query optimization, migrations, security setting, recovery and much more.

Please note: Remote access to the customer servers is a requirement for any of the Remote DBA services.

Why MariaDB?

Secure enterprise-class database with authentication, monitoring and encryption essential to a modern architecture and a wide array of applications.

Flexible deployment model supporting hybrid IT and easily deploying MariaDB in the most popular cloud environments, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Wildly popular Open Source high performance database delivering the high availability and scalability global enterprises need.

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