Xpanding Your Data Possibilities With MariaDB and Google Cloud

As your user expectations grow, complexity becomes inherent that may limit your ability to act on data to innovate and add business value. To succeed, organizations need the ability to leverage all your data – particularly customer data globally and in real-time, and to have a single view of that data.

Users expect a reliable, consistent experience from your applications which means data must be continuously available. And in our socially networked world, news of bad experiences travels fast.  Most importantly, customers want to develop their purpose-built applications and analytics on platforms that can scale to handle large volumes of data and transactions, without sacrificing availability and data consistency.

The cloud easily handles the scale of business’ growing data needs. Leading organizations utilize database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offerings (such as MariaDB SkySQL) to ensure all their data remains available, with global scale and low latency. This ensures they are best positioned to leverage the true business value of their data for competitive advantage.  Customers gain a cloud-native database that enables them to leverage the openness, resilience, extensibility, functionality and performance of MariaDB’s relational database on public cloud infrastructure.

Examples of DBaaS and Distributed SQL Across Industries

One major financial institution migrated to Google Cloud from the mainframe. This allows them to put real-time data in the hands of broker/dealers, individuals and institutional investors with a customer-facing application at lightning speed. At the same time, they realize CapEx and OpEx savings and resources by eliminating the need to maintain mainframe servers.  Leveraging MariaDB and cloud, financial services organizations, improve operational efficiencies, meet stakeholder expectations and empower lines of business to demonstrate a culture of trust and integrity from data.

For a global telco, customer experience relies on ensuring concurrent log-ins and uninterrupted service globally. On the back end, a massively scalable distributed SQL database slices data over nodes worldwide – with auto updates. The telco gets performance from their data, without replicas or gymnastics. It’s what the business and its customers demand: modern applications with fast, impactful response.

For a gaming company, massive workloads can be unpredictable. Having a globally consistent database of inventory, credits and purchases, plus activity history for massive player populations everywhere is essential for getting business value from transactional data. In turn, the gaming company has built great player experiences and empowered its game developers by minimizing infrastructure complexity and accelerating data insights with Google Cloud and MariaDB.

Why MariaDB SkySQL and Xpand

Organizations of all kinds leverage MariaDB’s SkySQL DBaaS, which augments automation with the human expertise needed to support and manage mission-critical deployments in the cloud – whether it’s a single development database or thousands of production databases.

A clear differentiator for SkySQL is its support for distributed SQL workloads which is accomplished using Xpand, MariaDB’s distributed SQL database. Using this topology enables SkySQL to manage the massive scale and demands of data through the cloud. MariaDB has built a cloud database that supports every business in the digital era – for everyone from digitally native disruptors to industry titans. Users experience the optimized database performance, responsiveness, security and availability that businesses demand.

Here’s how it works. An Xpand database system scales out a transactional, enterprise-class database across multiple nodes in a shared-nothing architecture to take advantage of distributed computing without sacrificing data integrity or continuous high availability. Xpand elastically right-sizes to meet seasonal demands and workloads. This ability to scale simplifies architectures, eliminating the traditional complexity and maintenance costs of sharding, scaling, and replicating entire databases.  Scalability protects the user experience from back-office operations.

MariaDB ​​SkySQL and Xpand deliver unmatched flexibility and massive scalability in the cloud — all while reducing legacy database costs by up to 90%.

Learn more about SkySQL and Xpand on Google Cloud by attending SADA’s Google Cloud Ground School webinar.